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Those who grew up in the 80's would probably list MTV as one of the most prominent elements highlighting that decade.  Debuting in 1981, it was a means of bringing together music and picture in a spectacular display that could previously only be achieved at concerts.  At the same time, Hasbro was developing a fashion doll to compete with the everlasting popularity of Mattel's Barbie.   They finally came up with the idea to create a highly accessorized and fashion-conscious doll -with a twist.  The doll would be a singer, patterned after pop stars such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.  The idea was to capitalize on both the music video craze and the fashions of the period.

So the plans began.  They named the doll "M", a further attempt to associate her with the MTV phenomenon. Much like other popular toys and cartoons of the time, "M" had a secret identity.  The twist was that her identity swap was triggered by a pair of flashing earrings that were linked to a hologram-projecting computer.  Hasbro also gave her a band, which in the brainstorming stages was to be comprised of all males. After some consideration (and perhaps to help girls further identify with the dolls) they decided on a female band instead. Her band now consisted of musicians Kimber, Aja, and Shana. The plans were really beginning to take shape, when they discovered a… View More

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