The Quality Guarantee

At we take pride in the merchandise we sell.  Although we do not manufacture the shirts or print the designs, we do inspect every single t-shirt we sell.  We check every t-shirt for flaws in the fabric, printing, and stitching before we even consider selling it to our customers. 

Why do we inspect every shirt so thoroughly?

We know that you would inspect a shirt at a store before you purchase it.  We also know that you don't have the ability to do that when you buy online.  So we do it for you!  Think of us as your personal shopper.  When you shop at you already know the shirt will be defect free.  Now you just need to pick your size and style! 

The Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your t-shirt for any reason, you have 60 days to send it back to us for a refund, exchange, or store credit.  If one of our shirts slipped through the inspection process with a flaw, we will send you a self addressed, stamped envelope for you to return the item to us free of charge, and we will send you a replacement item or refund your money.

Shirt Inspection Criteria

  1. Construction
    1. Stitching
      1. Any gathered stitching?
      2. Any loose stitching?
      3. Any raw edges?
      4. Check underarm, side seam, neckline, and hems
    2. Fabric
      1. Discoloration or Stains
      2. Holes
  2. Design / Print
    1. Is it centered?
    2. Is it straight?
    3. Is there any missing paint?
    4. Is the design warped
    5. Heat Transfer
      1. Are there any peeling edges?
      2. Are there any threads caught under heat transfer?

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