Champion Evel Knievel Shirt

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Champion Evel Knievel Shirt

Meet Jeremy. He is 5' 10" tall and weighs 170 pounds. He is wearing size M.

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Do you have a burning desire to teeter on the edge of dying a horrible and painful death only to arise from the flames with a fist in the air while looking like Elvis and Captain America had a baby? Then you're probably a fan of Evel Knievel and his insane but legendary stunts. Those were real stunts too, not staying in a box for a week. So if you want to be seen by millions of people ruining your body or just wish you could have been around in his heyday, buy this Evel Knievel Shirt and tell the world “Hey, I'm cool”.
Material:100% Cotton
Fit:True To Size
Distressed: Yes

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