GI Joe Baroness Costume

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GI Joe Baroness Costume

Meet Christine. She is 5' 4" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She is wearing size S.

  • GI Joe Baroness Costume
  • GI Joe Baroness Costume
  • GI Joe Baroness Costume
  • GI Joe Baroness Costume
  • GI Joe Baroness Costume
  • GI Joe Baroness Costume

Full Description

As Baroness, you’ll give every guy who grew up in the 80s a 3 and ¾” fantasy. Every man will want to join Cobra when they see that you’re on the team. This GI Joe Baroness costume includes a high quality black wig with layered hair, a full body jumpsuit, plus chest and back armor featuring a red Cobra logo on the front (adjustable to 26" in length and 45" in width). Costume accessories include thigh high faux boots, gloves that go past the elbow and a Cobra logo-branded belt with side pouches and heavy duty adjustable buckles.
Material:100% Polyester
Fit:Runs Small
Exclusive: Yes


  1. Awesome Costume!

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this costume! Fit my daughter great!

  2. Super Sexy Baroness!

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    check out my video review!: I love my Baroness costume! I've worn it to a few cons, and I get so many compliments everytime I wear it! I got a size small, it fits fine. There is a stretch to it, so it fits pretty well and is comfy to wear all day! I have been looking for a costume like this, but only 80's tees has it!

  3. Lasts maybe one day

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    I bought this and wore it to Wonder Con. The wig is alright, it does look cheap but you pay for what you get. The costume looked awesome however I DO NOT recommend wearing it for 5+ hours and I DO NOT recommend holding hands while wearing the gloves or holding onto anything for a long period of time because the shiny material just tears off easily and at the end of the day you look like the Baroness was mauled by a bear. Overall the material is pretty cheap and I don't recommend it for cosplaying purposes. Maybe for halloween but be gentle with this costume because it just falls apart LIKE THAT!

  4. not bad for the price

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    I found the sizing a bit difficult - I went with a large and the breast piece was almost too large, the belt is too large, and the rest was barely large enough - it is great for Halloween or a starter costume if your going to go to cons

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