Grumpy Cat Plush

Product Sku: GRUMP001
This product is no longer available for purchase and is part of our museum of the products that we used to sell.
  • With this Grumpy Cat plush, you'll never have to be grumpy alone again. Born with feline dwarfism, which makes her look grumpy, this cat named Tardar Sauce lovingly became known as Grumpy Cat after its instant popularity on the internet. You'll love holding this soft plush...then loathe the whole experience. The plush toy stands at eleven inches.
  • *Measurements are listed in US Inches.
    *Bust or chest is done by doubling the width measurement.
    *For full circumference of the waistline, double the waist measurement.

  • • Product Type:  Plush toys
    • Vendor: Ripple Junction
    • Product is Discontinued
    • Color:  White
    • Gender:  Not Gender Specific
    • Tag Location:  Tagless
    • Fabric Softness:  Standard

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