Interview with Artist Freddie E Williams II

Interview with Artist Freddie E Williams II

We wanted an awesome poster to include in the center spread of our first catalog.  I asked our friend Val Staples of fame who would be a great artist to commission for the job, and Val got Freddie E Williams II to do it.  The response to the poster was exactly what we wanted.  We thought it would be fun for you to learn a little bit more about this super talented artist.


What are your earliest memories of drawing?

First and Second grade I’d purposely stay inside during recess to draw He-Man and Superman. Often times, I enjoyed drawing more than running around!

What is your favorite 80s movie?

There are so many great 80’s movies, it’s really painful to narrow it down to one favorite, but if I really really needed to, it’d be Back to the Future.

Even while writing that, I heard the Terminator and Ghostbusters and Aliens all saying “hey, what about us?!”

What is your favorite movie all time?

Alien, with an honorable mention to the Matrix.

What toys did you play with growing up and do you still have any of them?

Aside from drawing supplies, which are just as fun as toys, I played with a bunch of He-Man toys- over the years, family members kept buying me the same Skeletor toy, so in my play time Skeletor had a squad of Skeletor clones, that didn’t have their chest pieces, and all carried Sonic toothpicks (the fast food restaurant), as their swords-  and I had a duplicate He-Man toy, that an older cousin (upon my request) painted his eyes white with white out- to make him into Faker.

Squad of Skeletor Clones with Sonic Fast Food Toothpicks

I played with those a lot, but no- I gave them away and sold them in Garage sales when I was in Junior Highschool!

When I was in high school my sister worked at a Goodwill (a second-hand store) and she got me a nearly complete metal full Voltron- it was missing the lion head hands, then a few years ago my wife got the heads from ebay, so that is the closest I have to a childhood toy- it’s awesome too, all our young nieces and nephews immediately wanted to play with it any time they came to my office / studio!

You’ve done a lot of crossovers books, is there one waiting out there that you’d love to do?

Oh yes- so many! I’d love to draw something with Voltron / Transformers and Thundercats with Silverhawks, Thundarr the Barbarian with He-Man.

A Mega Crossover with all the 80’s cartoons all in one crossover: 1,000 pages worth, that’d be awesome!


Freddie E Williams II Amazing Drawing

Do you do much work outside the “geek” category?

Not currently, I’d love to draw some horror related stuff- my wife and I are big horror fans, and that is something I’d love to draw, either a series of covers, or whole comic books- like real deal horror stuff, that is frightening and moody and suspenseful and intimate, there is a strong yearning to get into Horror!

What do you do for fun?

Drawing, and studying artistic techniques is the majority of my entertainment- there are “games” built into that: dissecting formulas of what makes different kinds of art work the way it does etc. Figuring out different ways to do online business or designing various products, testing new art supplies, all of those are fun things to do.

In the very limited “free” time I have, I love to hang out with my wife Kiki- watching movies. Also I love to play with our nieces and nephews- we’ve skipped over the having kids part and jumped into the grandparent type role- just goofing around with them and seeing the world through their experiences.


Some of Freddie's sketches

Anything else that you’d like people to know about you?

Not necessarily about me, but the comic books and the comic book art styles that I enjoy, I’d love to spend several hours showing off that stuff: Jim Lee, Wendy Pini, Kevin Eastman, Travis Charest: these are magical people to me, their art: the foundation to everything I draw, and how I think about art and form and things that get me excited. Or my best friend in Highschool, Tyrone Crockett- who doesn't draw now, but was a mentor to me for several fundamental years! That’s the kind of stuff I’d love to talk more about to show interested readers- an appreciation for those great artists that I admire!


For more amazing artwork, check out Freddie's site!


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