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Karate Kid & Cobra Kai T-Shirts & Costumes

Whether you subscribe to the honorable teachings of Mr. Miyagi or the take-no-prisoners attitude of the dreaded Cobra Kai, our Karate Kid tees make it easy to show your allegiance while competing for the title of All Valley Karate Champion.
Strike first. Strike hard. Show no mercy. Strike first. Strike hard. Show no mercy. For those who have chosen the John Kreese method, this is the attitude you will display with your Cobra Kai shirt or costume as you strike fear in your enemies heart. You know how to sweep the leg and you will do what you must to win. Fear does not exist in your dojo. Or pain. Or defeat.
If you choose the peaceful teachings of Mr. Miyagi, show them that you have no fear with one of's Karate Kid t-shirts. You've mastered the crane stance. You've trained well, Daniel-San. Why not let the world know that you're as skilled at martial arts as Ralph Macchio, but with a much updated sense of fashion? also offers a great selection of costumes inspired by Karate Kid, including two beloved exclusive Cobra Kai costumes - our replica uniform and skeleton costume.

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