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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Number:  1-866-807-8337 (toll free in US only)
International Phone number:  001-724-696-5121
Help Email:

If you need help quick, try our Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Is the Internet a Secure Place to Do Business and Shop? uses Extended Validation (EV) SSL encryption to protect your credit card data.  SSL encryption is software that prevents anyone from intercepting and reading data being transferred between the customer and the retailer's database. So, SSL is ideal for accepting sensitive information over the Internet, such as credit-card numbers or access passwords.  Extended Validation SSL is a new type of SSL Certificate.  When you enter the checkout process on you will notice that your url /address bar turns green.  This lets you know that has been authenticated by Verisign.  The green bar only shows up if you are using Internet Explorer.

Secure links between your computer and another computer over the Internet are based on a code system called public key encryption. When the computer forms a secure connection over the Internet, it will be using the communication protocol called SSL. You can be sure of the secure connection by a picture of a key or a closed padlock appearing at the bottom of your browser's screen. Also, when your computer makes a secure link through the Internet, the URL will begin with https//: rather than http//: located in your browser's address window.

Each computer generates a set of codes, which encrypts the information. From these codes, each computer generates two "keys"--one private and one public. Your computer keeps the private key secret, but sends out the public key to the other computer which uses that key to encode messages that only your computer can read. Only the private key can do the decoding. Through this process only these two computers have a copy of the respective keys.

SSL is an enormous step towards making the Internet secure. The level of security provided by SSL encryption can support a variety of needs for the many different applications available today. SSL is the standard for a secure method in terms of privacy, integrity, and authenticity.

Which Provides Better Protection--A Secured Internet Transaction or a Physical Transaction?

The choice is easy! SSL encryption offers two levels of security: the 40-bit ("low" or "weak") that offers over a trillion possible code combinations, or the 128-bit ("high" or "b") with nearly immeasurable code combinations.

Here's how secure a 128-bit key is: it would take 250 workstations working simultaneously around the clock an estimated 9 trillion times the age of the universe just to decrypt a single message. It's safe to say SSL is extremely sophisticated software. In comparison, do you feel safe giving your credit card to a waiter who disappears with the card for a few minutes? Or to an employee at a store, who keeps a copy of your credit card information? It's far more risky to trust your credit card carbons to an underpaid fast food employee than to send the number via a secure encrypted web page.

With the proven security and protection that SSL provides, you can be confident while you are taking advantage of many conveniences of Internet shopping.


2.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes!!  You can buy your favorite 80s t-shirt by using any of the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  You can also use your account directly from our website if you choose to do so!

Discover,Visa,MasterCard,American Express PayPal Verified

3.  Are there any 80sTees stores I can visit?

Sorry, we do not have any physical stores but if you live near Mt. Pleasant, PA you can choose to pick your order up instead of having it shipped.

Our facility is not set up for someone to come in and shop like you would a department store. The warehouse is arranged to make picking our orders as easy and accurate as possible, which unfortunately makes it impossible to "browse/shop".

If you would like to pick your order up please look over our website and decide what you would like and then give us a call at 1-724-696-5121 and ask for local pick-up. We will gladly take your order over the phone. Then let us know when you will be here to pick up your order; our hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST. We may ask where you are arriving from and inform you of the appropriate route or if you would prefer, this page has driving directions for local pick-up.


4. Do you make the shirts you sell?

For the most part we do not.  We buy our shirts from professional manufacturers.  Our shirts are very high quality silk screens or professional quality heat transfers.  A license agreement is required for a company to make and sell t-shirts featuring a registered trademark or anyone else's intellectual property.  We buy most of our shirts from companies that have licensing agreements with the major studios.  We actually have a few license agreements in place including Top Gun, Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, and a variety of Hasbro properties. 


5. How does the currency conversion work?

Your credit card company will perform the currency conversion and charge you in your country's currency.


6.  Do you have a catalog to send me?

Unfortunately at this time we do not publish a catalog.  Because we update our shirts so frequently we would have a very difficult time getting all of our new t-shirts to our catalog customers.  Please see below to order with a check or money order using the website.


7.  Can I order a shirt with a check or money order?

  1. Browse the site and add the shirts you want into the shopping cart.
  2. Click "Check Out" to go to your cart and then select a shipping method to calculate your total.
  3. Then call us Toll Free at 1-866-807-8337 and we will help you with your order.
  4.  Please note that we only accept checks and money orders made payable in US dollars.  Also, please note that only US residents with a US based bank account can pay via check.
    230 Westec Drive
    Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

  5. For personal check orders allow 20 days to process.  Money orders are processed within 3 business days of receipt of payment.  Your mail-in order must include a valid telephone number.  If a telephone number is not provided, the order will be returned to you.

8. I received a suspicious email from asking me to confirm my account, what is this?

It seems that there are some unsavory types who are trying to get our customers to give them their email address for the purpose of sending them unsolicited commercial email.  Please call us at our toll free number if you have any questions about an email which seems to be from but that doesn't really make sense.  You can call us at 1-866-80sTees or 1-724-696-5121.


9.  What does "junior" size mean?

Junior size means the item is meant to fit teenage girls and slim adult women.  Many of our competitors do not even refer to their sizes as jr. sized, but they are selling the exact same items as us.  We actually measure every single one of our shirts and post the measurement on the product page.  Please take a look at the measurements on the product page of the shirt you are interested in to see if it would fit you.


10.  How can I find my order status?

Go to our Order Status Page and login to your account to see the status of your order. 


11.  Will you mark my international package as a gift so that I do not pay customs taxes?

Unfortunately we can not mark a package as a gift if it is not a gift from us to you. Please be aware that fraudulently claiming that a package is a gift can get you into trouble.  Please read below.

Note: Some unscrupulous overseas suppliers openly advertise on the internet, or on their web-sites that they will deliberately either misdescribe items or underdeclare their value in order to evade customs charges that are legally due on importation. You should be aware that although the foreign sender may have completed the customs declaration form on the parcel you are regarded (in law) as the importer of the goods and responsible for the information on the declaration, and any customs charges that may be due. This means that if you purchase goods from these suppliers and the declaration is found to be false or misleading you may be liable to financial penalties or criminal prosecution. Furthermore the goods themselves will be liable to forfeiture. It is in your own interests to ensure Customs declarations are completed properly.


12. I signed up for your email newsletter, but haven't received anything yet. Why not?

Your email provider's spam filter is most likely blocking our messages. You may want to add to your address book to ensure that you receive our future newsletters.  If you need help adding us, contact us.


13. How do I wash my t-shirts?

We've found cold water to be a t-shirt's best friend against shrinking. And unless you want to look like a stuffed Vienna sausage sporting your new tee, we don't advise using a machine dryer. Hang drying (or line drying) is a shrink-friendly alternative.


14.  Can I make a change to my order?

Only if you call us right away after you placed your order.  We commit to a very aggressive shipping schedule, and we give guaranteed delivery dates during the checkout process.  In order to meet these dates we are constantly filling orders.  Once an order has been filled its too late to make a change.


15.  Can I change my delivery address after a package has been shipped?

If UPS has not delivered your package yet we can use a service called Delivery Intercept.  UPS charges $11 and we pass this charge along to you.  Please call us to schedule a delivery intercept charge.  Any packages that are not sent via UPS cannot be changed once they are shipped.


16.  What happens if I don't get my package by the guaranteed date?

The first step would be to track your package.  Your tracking number is emailed to you by UPS Quantum View.  If the package is late you are eligible for a gift certificate in the amount of your shipping cost unless the package is late for one of these reasons:

1) Incomplete or incorrect address information entered into the website during your order.
2) Weather or other natural or unnatural problems that are beyond UPS control.
3) Your order is held up for a credit card review.
4) You paid via PayPal and there was a delay in PayPal sending us your payment information.


17.  When will you restock a product?

We rarely know exactly when we will receive new inventory, but we can promise to send you an email notification when we do restock a specific product.  You can sign up for a notification right from the product's page:

The sizes that are temporarily out of stock will appear in grey. Click on the one you would like:

Click the size you'd like to be notified about

A box will appear. Make sure the size you want is selected, enter your email address and the desired quantity, and click "Email me when available". Once the item is back in stock, we will send you an email notification.

Click the size you'd like to be notified about


18.  Why don't some products allow me to sign up for Email Notifications?

Sometimes our suppliers discontinue products, sometimes we decide to no longer carry a product, and sometimes a license agreement runs out and we cant stock a product that we wish we could!  In all of these cases we wont let you sign up for a notification email.  The picture below shows a product that has been discontinued.

Discontinued Product


19. Why do you have only a few or one size of a product I want?

Sometimes our suppliers discontinue products, sometimes we decide to no longer carry a product, and sometimes a license agreement runs out and we can't stock a product that we wish we could!  In all of these cases we won't let you sign up for a notification email.  The picture below shows a product that has been discontinued.

Discontinued Product