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80sTees.com Announces The Top Eight "Best Global 'Fake' Brands"

In the wake of the annual BusinessWeek Top Global Brands issue, 80stees.com Releases Results of Informal, Unscientific Fake Survey

NORTH HUNTINGTON, Penn. August 11, 2006 -- 80sTees.com today announced the results of its prestigious annual rankings of the pop-culture world's top Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands.

Duff Beer, Dunder Mifflin, Cobra Kai Karate Dojo, Chico's Bail Bonds, The Boars Nest Good Eats, Initech, Jefferson Cleaners, and Sanford & Son Salvage are among this year's top gainers in 80stees.com's irregular rankings of Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands.

For the first consecutive year, 80stees.com has decided to rank the Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands based solely on the fact that consumers can display their brand loyalty to these "Fake" Brands by purchasing these unique licensed fake brand t-shirts directly from 80stees.com.

Wearing a t-shirt that displays one of these Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands represents a unique and special opportunity for consumers to create strong and vast communities built around these Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands.

Seriously. How else would die-hard fans of the classic TV series "The Jeffersons" recognize each other on the street, unless they were wearing a vivid orange t-shirt features the Jefferson Cleaners logo?   The many, many admirers of the company Dunder-Mifflin Inc. (stock Symbol DMI) a mid-cap regional paper- and office-supply distributor with an emphasis on servicing small-business clients, now have an opportunity to display their love for the company from The Office TV show by wearing a royal blue t-shirt featuring a distressed print of the company logo.

Although a fake brand may be obscure, that does not necessarily mean it is not meaningful. By way of example we have Chico's Bail Bonds based out of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. When this wholly fictional company sponsored The Bad News Bears youth baseball team, they got their logo plastered on the t-shirts of this team of ragtag misfits; a veritable coup in the world of fake brands. Chico's Bail Bonds brand loyalists can buy a distressed silk screen t-shirt that features the logo of the Bear's team sponsor, Chico's Bail Bonds.

On the other end of the fake brand spectrum, the beloved Duff Beer perhaps has no equal in terms of both longevity and recognizability. If Homer Simpson ever wore anything besides a white shirt (and the occasional Mummu) he would wear a red t-shirt featuring a distressed logo of the Duff Beer Company.

In order to be included in the Top Eight Best Global "Fake" Brands list, a fake brand must have a corresponding product - typically a t-shirt - available at www.80stees.com. That's pretty much it.

Although some of its brands may be fake, 80stees.com has a very real dedication to quality, inspecting every shirt for flaws in the fabric, printing and stitching - 80sTees.com rejects a higher percentage of t-shirts for quality problems than any of its competitors, and most orders are shipped the same day they are placed.


1980s: Been There, Did That, Got the T-shirt at 80sTees.com

NORTH HUNTINGTON, Penn., Aug. 9, 2005 Quick: Who said "I feel the need, the need for speed!"?  What is the "Contra Code"? How did Ralphie's dad pronounce the word "fragile?" And where exactly is Fraggle Rock? If you know any of the above answers, perhaps it's time for a visit to 80sTees.com (https://www.80stees.com).

Prepare to stay awhile, though. The site is chock-full of memories in the form of t-shirts. While some are obvious '80s icons who could forget Rainbow Brite, "I've been slimed," or The Karate Kid others are more obscure references to '80s pop culture, identifiable only by others who came of age during that decade. Greyskull, GI Joe, Punky Brewster and ALF are all there; ditto Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Pat Benatar and Guns N' Roses.

80sTees.com is, of course, the brainchild of a child of the '80s. Born in 1977, company founder Kevin Stecko is hard-pressed to produce a childhood photo in which he was not wearing a licensed character t-shirt. But, like many children of the '80s, Stecko only hit on the idea for 80sTees.com after first earning a completely unrelated degree: Six months before graduating from Penn State with a degree in geo-environmental engineering, Stecko wore a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe t-shirt to an amusement park. The shirt generated so much interest, Stecko decided to see if he could sell some '80s-themed t-shirts himself.

Six years and twelve employees later, 80sTees.com sells around 150,000 t-shirts per year and enjoys a steadily growing Hollywood clientele. Everybody Loves Raymond came knocking. So did Good Morning America, Blade: Trinity and an MTV VJ.  Several high profile professional athletes have ordered, including 4 members of the New York Yankees.

Stecko attributes his site's success partially to its dedication to quality. His team inspects every shirt for flaws in the fabric, printing and stitching, and 80sTees.com rejects a higher percentage of t-shirts for quality problems than do any of its competitors. Most orders are shipped the same day they are placed.

But Stecko acknowledges nostalgia as the driving force behind 80sTees.com's growth. "80s kids were bombarded with advertisements from the day they were born, and despite the fact that we now recognize those ads as exploitative we tend to have fond memories of our childhood toys and shows," Stecko explained. "And let's face it. Plenty of the movies, television shows, video games, music and products of the '80s are just downright amusing these days. It's a fun way to identify with others who also remember the '80s with a smile."

For more information about 80sTees.com, Inc. or to order '80s t-shirts, visit https://www.80stees.com.


Kevin Stecko

80sTees.com, Inc.


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