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24 Inch Metal Captain America Shield

Product Sku: CAMER033
Bummer, this product had its totally awesome run and sold completely out. Dude, while you may want to buy it, we've deemed it dead and discontinued. Sorry, man.

  • Fight the forces of evil with this Deluxe Metal Captain America Shield. The shield measures 24 inches in diameter. There are both Display Condition shields and Play Condition shields to choose from. A Display Condition shield ($65) would more likely be put up in your office for decoration or shown off to your friends. A Play Condition shield ($35) is more easily scratched and damaged, and may come with minor imperfections, and could be used for backyard battle conditions. Either way, you'll be showing your allegiance to Captain America!
  • Costumes


    *Measurements are listed in US Inches.
    *Bust or chest is done by doubling the width measurement.
    *For full circumference of the waistline, double the waist measurement.

  • • Product Type:  Costumes
    • Vendor: Disguise
    • Product is Discontinued
    • Color:  Red
    • Gender:  Not Gender Specific

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