Caped Superman Mug

Product Sku: SUPER018
Bummer, this product had its totally awesome run and sold completely out. Dude, while you may want to buy it, we've deemed it dead and discontinued. Sorry, man.

  • Writing a business proposal, fixing everyone else's mistakes and still looking hot, all before lunch. Only Superman could pull that off or someone full of caffeine. Either way this Caped Superman Mug is perfect for the local office hero, super or otherwise.

    To ensure the long life of your glassware, please be sure to always HAND WASH. The printing used on the glassware can sometimes be damaged by dishwashers.
  • • Product Type:  Glassware
    • Vendor: Classic Imports
    • Product is Discontinued
    • Color:  Blue
    • Gender:  Not Gender Specific