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Deluxe Voltron Costume Hoodie

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  • Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wear "Awesome"? Now you can experience it for yourself with this Deluxe Voltron Costume hoodie! This is a high quality piece of apparel that has taken a long time to get just right. The zip-front garment is composed of different colored fabrics to match that of the red and green Lions, along with appliqued and screen printed accents. The sleeves feature 3-dimensional red and green lion heads that you can slip your wrists through, with rib knit cuffs inside for added comfort and ease of wear. The foam-lined shaped hood features a detachable snap-in jaw to make this wearable as hoodie as well as a costume. Voltron's head has detail to rival any Voltron action figure. This is a must-have wearable collectors item for any Voltron fan!
  • Hoodie

    Size Width (A) Length (B)
    Small 20"
    Medium 20"
    Large 22.5"
    XL 23.5"
    2XL 26.5"
    3XL 27.5"
    4XL 29.5"
    5XL 29.5"

    *Measurements are listed in US Inches.
    *Bust or chest is done by doubling the width measurement.
    *For full circumference of the waistline, double the waist measurement.

  • • Product Type:  Hoodies
    • Vendor:
    • 80sTees Exclusive
    • Color:  Black
    • Gender:  Mens
    • Graphic:   Direct To Garment Print
    • Tag Location:  Tagged
    • Made of:  50% Cotton/50% Polyester
    • Fits like:  True To Size
    • Fabric Softness:  Standard

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