Iron Man Sunglasses

Product Sku: MARV320
Bummer, this product had its totally awesome run and sold completely out. Dude, while you may want to buy it, we've deemed it dead and discontinued. Sorry, man.

  • Is that Tony Stark? No, it’s just a guy in Iron Man Sunglasses. These sweet shades will have you looking like Ironman before you can build an Arc reactor in a desert cave. Doc wears these while tinkering with his newest device in his garage.
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    Size Width (A) Length (B)
    One Size 0"

    *Measurements are listed in US Inches.
    *Bust or chest is done by doubling the width measurement.
    *For full circumference of the waistline, double the waist measurement.

  • • Product Type:  Costumes
    • Vendor: Elope
    • Product is Discontinued
    • Color:  Black
    • Gender:  Not Gender Specific
    • Fits like:  True To Size