Jabba The Hutt Plush

Product Sku: SWARS579
Bummer, this product had its totally awesome run and sold completely out. Dude, while you may want to buy it, we've deemed it dead and discontinued. Sorry, man.

  • If you have ever wanted to test your Jedi powers against the evil Jabba The Hutt, you will now have your chance with this Star Wars plush. Jabba The Hutt, or Jabba Desilijic Tiure was the powerful and bloated crime lord of Tatooine. Jabba The Hut was so powerful that he conducted his business with the likes of Darth Vader. This plush stands at seven inches tall and is eleven inches long, and is every bit as grotesque as the Jabba seen in Return Of The Jedi. Jabba The Hutt was one of the most ruthless villains in the Star Wars franchise. Now, you can personally show him that no one should underestimate your powers with this Jabba The Hutt plush.
  • • Product Type:  Plush toys
    • Vendor: Comic Images
    • Product is Discontinued
    • Color:  Green
    • Gender:  Not Gender Specific
    • Graphic:   Embroidered
    • Tag Location:  Tagged
    • Fabric Softness:  Standard

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