Sheldons Hawkman Shirt

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Sheldons Hawkman Shirt

Meet Ambition. He is 5' 11" tall and weighs 165 pounds. He is wearing size L.

  • Sheldons Hawkman Shirt
  • Sheldons Hawkman Shirt

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Hawkman was one of the charter members of the Justice Society of America, but still has one of the most confusing histories in comicdom. There are several incarnations of Hawkman, all of which use the morning star weapon and artificial wings made from the special "Nth metal" that allows flight. In the '40s, the first Hawkman was Carter Hall, a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince with a reincarnated bride, who became Hawkgirl. In the '60s Hawkman was a cop from the planet Thanagar with the name Katar Hol who came to Earth with his smokin' hot Hawkgirl wife chasing down a criminal. But he changed his name to Carter and ran a museum. No, we're serious. Stop laughing. But, then DC decided to bring back the whole serial reincarnation thing. And then we got the whole Earth-One and Earth-Two thing going for us. But we won't go there. Are you confused yet? Most comic geeks just throw up their arms, shake their heads and pick up a Marvel Fear Itself comic. But not Sheldon. He embraces the Hawkman shirt. This shirt is worn by Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.
Material:100% Cotton
Tag:Side Tag
Fit:True To Size


  1. London Dapper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good quality tee, pleased to get hold of an exact replica of the one he wears on the show. Ordered from the UK and arrived earlier than expected for a very reasonable delivery charge. Helpful and friendly customer service too. All in all very happy.

  2. Hawkman cometh

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    As an old school comic book collector i love having a hawkman shirt (although i don't remember the Egyptian god gone super hero having a logo, regardless, i'm a happy camper wearing it around).

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