Born in the 70s, Grew Up in the 80s

Born in the 70s, Grew Up in the 80s

I send out an email to customers to thank them for the order and ask them if they have any suggestions.  The email goes out in batches but I wrote the email and I respond to everyone that replies.  

Our customer Laura Witrak allowed me to publish her response because I loved how she described her memories from growing up in the 80s.

Hey Kevin,

Age 45 and a complete 80’s kid. I was and still am a huge fan of the Dark Crystal, Star Wars (went to college with the three original Star Wars posters thereby cementing my nerdiness and ensuring I wouldn’t get laid for quite awhile), He-Man, The Last Unicorn (which I can’t watch without sobbing now - my kids were baffled), Pac Man, and the Oregon Trail.
I remember trampolines that nearly amputated your limbs because the coils were exposed, jelly shoes that cut your feet but we would refuse to take them off, having a bag full of candy that cost less than $3, getting up before 6am to wait for the cartoons to come on and being transfixed by the photo of an bald eagle on the TV while the national anthem played, worrying if the USA and the USSR were going to start a nuclear war, Sweet Valley High books, Atari, boxy computers, home perms and that terrifyingly creepy Teddy Ruxpin - oh and Grimace. 
I will be buying more t shirts soon! Thanks for bringing back some memories.
Take care, good luck and stay somewhat sane in these insane times (but when are the times normal?)
Laura Witrak
Sent from my Supercomputer Brain
Laura is 2 years older than me so we grew up pretty much at exactly the same time although being a boy and having only brothers the home perm thing wasn't an issue and I read Encyclopedia Brown instead of Sweet Valley High.



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