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Charlie Sheen turned down the role of Daniel Larusso.


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Kevin Stecko

Kevin Stecko

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The First Movie Played in Our VCR

Kids these days will never understand how magical renting a movie felt in the ‘80s. I still remember the day my Mom came home and told me that we now had a VCR and she had “rented” 2 movies. Being about 8 or 9 I wasn’t even familiar with the concept of VCRs or renting.

The VCR blew my mind. I can play this awesome movie whenever I want? If I want to watch just the tournament this device makes it possible?

To this day The Karate Kid is still my all-time favorite movie. I have no idea if perhaps Ghostbusters would be my favorite had she rented that instead of The Karate Kid. But I still get goosebumps when I see Mr. Miyagi’s approving smile as Daniel tells him “We did it!”.

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