Genuine 80sTees has been in business since 1999 and we’ve built a reputation for quality officially licensed products while offering responsive and fair customer service.  

Unfortunately  there are fraudulent websites and social media and search ads claiming to sell products at a discounted price. Our team is actively working on taking appropriate action against these counterfeit sellers. In the meantime, we want to help you in identifying genuine products effectively - here's how:

1.CHECK THE URL: If you see our logo on any URL other than , you can be confident you're browsing a fraudulent website.  While we own a number of urls that are similar to they all get automatically redirected to    If you find yourself at,,,,,, or you are definitely on a scam website.

Fake 80sTees Site
fake 80stees copy sites

2.CHECK THE PRICE: Because we sell officially licensed t-shirts and they are printed on demand in the USA our costs are higher than the prices these scam sites charge.  We could never offer those prices and be a legitimate business.

Fake 80stees Ad

3.INVESTIGATE THE AD COMMENTS: Many times there will be positive comments because these scam sites use fake profiles to give positive social proof on their ads.  Clicking through the comments usually gives a quick indication that the profile is fake, though.

4.INVESTIGATE THE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES:  Eventually Facebook catches up with these pages and shuts them down.  Therefore most of the social media pages are very new with limited content.  Look at our social media pages for an example of a real company.

5.GET IN TOUCH: If you're still not sure, we're happy to help! Please contact us at and we'll assist you ASAP.

If you’ve already placed an order and haven’t been able to reach someone then you are almost certainly a victim.  We would appreciate a screenshot or forward of your order confirmation (although many people report not even receiving an order confirmation).  Also if you see any ads that look like fraud sites we’d love you to share those as well.  We are able to report those using Facebook’s Rights Management tools.