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We believe...

...that life was better back then, when the weekend began with Saturday morning cartoons.

And the “M” in MTV still meant something.

We believe that remakes will never be better than an original.

They can take our childhood movies and redo them, but they can never take our childhood memories.

We believe Han shot first, that knowing really is half the battle.

And that freedom is most definitely the right of all sentient beings.

We believe that unplanned conversations with people who share our connection to a movie, cartoon, or video game are fun.

And that a simple t-shirt has the power to inspire these moments of joy.

We believe that the clothes we wear say a little about who we are and the things we love.

Because no one ever said “Hey, I like your shirt!” to someone wearing a boring button down.

We’re geeks and nerds, rockstars, and superheroes.

We’re 80sTees.

And our mission is to delight and amaze the kid in us all.