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Toys & Children's Book T-Shirts

Would you, Could you? On a train? Many books and toys from our past on t-shirts

Were you the kind of Monopoly player that put money on Free Parking every time you got taxed? Then the player who landed there got all the money, like winning the lottery. But, we bet you didn't know that wasn't in the rule book. And did you know that Barbie has had more than 80 careers? Yup! Everything from an aerobics instructor to a Starfleet Officer. We bet you didn't know that Waldo's name in French is Charlie, and Holger in Danish. No matter what you liked to play with as a kid, now you can get it on a t-shirt at 80sTees. When we're not working to please our customers, you can count on us testing out a Furbie strapped to a Tonka truck to see how fast it can go. Check out our kids toys and book shirts and maybe, just maybe you'll be were the wild things are. :)

Oops! Looks like we don't have any products for this collection. If you have a totally rad idea for a cool product please let us know at , we'd love to hear ideas from totally awesome people like yourself!

In the meantime, try out our site search, above or browse our pages for another great t-shirt, we're sure that you'll find something else that you've been wanting.

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