Over the past year we’ve changed the way your t-shirts get to you.  I realize most people don’t care what happens in the time after they place an order and before they get the package of awesomeness. But in this case it’s relevant because we’re giving some amazing discounts and promotions with one gotcha, and telling you why will help you understand the gotcha.  

We’ve been around since the year 2000 and from that time until the fall of 2016 every item we shipped came from our warehouse.  We would stock our warehouse shelves to the top and buy large quantities of tees from Officially Licensed tee wholesalers.  But dang that was hard.  

Usually we bought too few of some sizes and too many of others and we’d end up stuck with slow selling sizes.  Even worse it often didn’t make good business sense to order a minimum silk screen print run to restock the out of stock sizes.  So our customers would be frustrated that the size they wanted was not in stock and we would miss sales we could have made if only we didn’t have to order so many tees at one time.

Also, sometimes we thought a product was great but our customers did not so we were stuck with slow moving stock.  Sometimes we placed huge minimum orders of our specialty items like costume hoodies and costumes because the factory minimums were huge to begin with.  The end result is we now have a lot of product in our warehouse.

Over the past few years many of our officially licensed suppliers began offering tees printed in a way that doesn’t require minimum print runs.  This is called “Direct to Garment”, or “DTG” printing.  It’s been around for quite some time but it only recently improved to the point where the quality and durability of a DTG print is equal to and in many cases superior to that of a silk screened (the traditional method for printing on apparel) t-shirt.  

We started the transition to mostly DTG printed tees back in the fall of 2016.  Most new tees we add are DTG printed.  Many of our older designs that we have in stock now will switch to be fulfilled with DTG printed tees if our suppliers give us that option.  But even more tees will just disappear from the website forever once we sell out of them.  And during the transition we were looking at having tons of products that have only a few sizes left.

But having a lot of products with only a few sizes left is a terrible user experience for our customers.  And having a warehouse that we are underutilizing is really bad for our bottom line.  So we have decided that it is time to speed up the transition to a mostly DTG business so that we can move to a smaller space and offer a better customer experience to you.

And that means DEALS!!  Lots and lots of deals.  Over the next 7 days we have some really fun deals.  We’ll send out emails with the specifics as each promotion launches.  

So if you’ve stuck with me this long you are probably dying to know “What is the Gotcha?”.  

Because we are offering some great deals and our purpose for the promotion is to empty out our warehouse and retire lots of products we aren’t allowing returns or exchanges.  But we think the deals are worth the risk.  And our course we still stand behind our products 100% so if you receive a defective tee we would send you a non-defective replacement or issue you store credit.

Either way I want you know that the quantity of the items on sale are limited by what we have in our warehouse.  So if you see something you want and it’s on sale don’t wait too long because it might be gone forever if you don’t get it now.

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