Company History

Heeeyy, yooouu guuuyysss!

Check out the backstory behind your favorite 80s memorabilia and pop culture gear.

  1. 1999

    Kevin Stecko graduates from college and decides to sell some retro shirts on eBay to kill some time.

    He feels like Master of the Universe when his first He-Man shirt sells for over $30.00.

  2. 2000

    Kevin makes a bold move by starting the first 80s memorabilia online store of its kind.

    80s geeks across the nation rejoice!

  3. 2005

    Business begins to pick up, and Kevin hunts down some of the most diehard 80s lovers he could find to start a team.

    The staff nerds out when they realize their epic fandom and day job have become one.

  4. 2009

    The 80s craze continues to spread, so we bring in some big guns to record a sweet day-in-the-life video.

    Fans dig the behind-the-scenes peek at our nerd empire.

  5. 2012

    The past and the present collide when gear is spotted in the wild on hit TV shows, movies, and magazines.

    The 80sTees community takes a moment for a virtual high five.

    Famous 80sTees fans
  6. 2025 is the prime destination for pop culture tribes everywhere to come together and share their geekery!

    The online store expands into other websites, stores, and places for fans to unite.