Credit Card Fraud Prevention

We take great care to protect consumers as well as ourselves from credit card fraud.

When you place an order, we put the order information through a variety of tests to determine the likelihood of the transaction being fraudulent.  If our tests indicate that your order is very unlikely to be fraudulent, you will never even realize we ran the tests.  If the tests indicate your order has some characteristics in common with fraudulent orders, then the shopping cart will tell you that your order is under Review. 

When an order is under review, we manually study the order to determine if we can ship the order or if we need to ask for more details from the customer.  Because Review orders must be looked at by our staff, you may not hear from us until the next business day.  We may ask you for more information to help us verify that you have the credit card in your possession. 

If your order is determined to be very similar to fraudulent orders, our shopping cart may reject your order.  If this happens to you and you are using a legitimate credit card please contact us.