How we size our products

Because our t-shirts come from over 50 different suppliers (each of whom can use multiple shirt manufacturers), it is impossible for us to have a standard size chart.  Because of this, we measure each t-shirt in each size to give you accurate dimensions.

For all of our t-shirts, please refer to this as a guide:

  1. Look for 'Exact Size Chart For THIS Product' located below Related Best Sellers on the product page. See Below.

    How to use the size chart

  2. Click on 'Exact Size Chart For THIS Product' to expand the size chart. Here, you will find each measurement for each different size of the product you are viewing. See Below.

    How to use the size chart

  3. For all sizes, doubling the width measurement will give the chest/bust measurement.
  4. All of our t-shirts are measured in inches. To find the corresponding dimensions in centimeters, simply multiply each inch measurement by 2.54. Example: 21 inches x 2.54 = 53.34 cm