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Oops! Looks like we don't have any products for this collection. If you have a totally rad idea for a cool product please let us know at , we'd love to hear ideas from totally awesome people like yourself!

In the meantime, try out our site search, above or browse our pages for another great t-shirt, we're sure that you'll find something else that you've been wanting.

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      • Do you ship to my country?
      • We ship to the following countries (listed alphabetically):

        • Andorra
        • Argentina
        • Australia
        • Austria
        • Bahrain
        • Belarus
        • Belgium
        • Bermuda
        • Brazil
        • British Virgin Islands
        • Brunei Darussalam
        • Bulgaria
        • Cambodia
        • Canada
        • Chile
        • China
        • Colombia
        • Cook Islands
        • Croatia
        • Cyprus
        • Czech Republic
        • Denmark
        • Ecuador
        • Estonia
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Gibraltar
        • Greece
        • Greenland
        • Guadeloupe
        • Guam
        • Guatemala
        • Guernsey
        • Hong Kong
        • Hungary
        • Iceland
        • Indonesia
        • Ireland
        • Israel
        • Italy
        • Japan
        • Jersey
        • Jordan
        • Kazakhstan
        • Kuwait
        • Latvia
        • Lithuania
        • Luxembourg
        • Macau
        • Macedonia
        • Malaysia
        • Malta
        • Marinique
        • Monaco
        • Morocco
        • Netherlands
        • Netherlands Antilles
        • New Zealand
        • Norway
        • Peru
        • Philippines
        • Poland
        • Portugal
        • Puerto Rico
        • Romania
        • Serbia and Montenegro
        • Singapore
        • Slovakia
        • Slovenia
        • South Africa
        • South Korea
        • Spain
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Taiwan
        • Thailand
        • Trinidad and Tobago
        • Turkey
        • Ukraine
        • United Arab Emirates
        • United Kingdom
        • Uruguay
        • USA
        • Venezuela
      • Where do you ship from?
      • Our orders ship from our warehouse which is at 230 Westec Drive, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666, USA.

      • Will I have to pay customs and brokerage fees if shipping outside the USA?
      • It’s definitely possible. We don’t collect customs and brokerage fees. For the countries that we ship to most often like Canada, UK, and Australia we’ve put together a guide of what to expect. If you are in a country other than those 3 we suggest using google to search for customs and brokerage information for your country.
      • What’s the quality like?
      • While quality means different things to different people, we inspect every single t-shirt we sell for flaws in the fabric, stitching, and print. Our return rate is less than 2%, which is crazy low for clothing ecommerce. This is because we catch just about every problem with our tees before we bring them into inventory. We also help keep returns down with our size measurements.
      • When will I get it?
      • This item typically ships within 5 to 7 business days. The shipment method you chose during checkout will also have an impact on when you should be receiving your order.

        If you have more questions about your order, or believe your order might be lost, please contact us.

      • Usually we can get the package to its destination as soon as 1 day. To see a list of all of your shipping options with the prices and delivery date you’ll need to start a checkout (we know, this isn’t ideal and we are working on integrating this feature right here into the product page).
      • What will my shipping cost be?
      • You will see your shipping options as well as their associated prices here on the product page by using the tool above and also during checkout.
      • What if I don’t like it? Maybe I was drinking really heavily when I bought it and now that I’m sobered up I realized it’s just not for me.
      • Some mistakes in life you can’t come back from, but this one won’t set you back much except for a little time and shipping cost. We accept all returns as long as the item isn’t damaged or washed by you.
      • What is the return policy?
      • Our return policy differes depending on if you are in the United States or abroad. To view the details of the return policy visit our return policy page and choose the option that applies to you.
      • Do I have to pay for return shipping costs?
      • Yes, however because we try very hard to make sure you know what your getting our return policy is very low (less than 2%), chances are good that your going to like what you get.
      • How do I know I can trust your company?
      • We’ve seen a ton of fly by night t-shirt companies come along, and lots of them advertise on facebook, so it’s natural for you to feel this way about us. But we are definitely not fly by night.

        We’ve been around since the year 2000, and we like our jobs so we aren’t going to rip you off. If you still aren’t convinced check out the latest customer posts on our facebook page. You’ll see happy customers posting on there frequently. Plus we have well over 350,000 facebook fans, which means quite a few people like us!

      • Can I customize my t-shirt or get this in a different size?
      • Most of our shirts come pre-printed from our licensed vendors and we aren’t able to change them. If you have an idea for a t-shirt, feel free to shoot an email to

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    US Shipping Information

    80sTees ships orders Monday through Friday. If you place your order by 4:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time on a business day and if the items you ordered are in stock, we’ll ship your package the same day! Priority Mail Express orders must be placed by 12:00 pm, EST.

    It’s easy to calculate shipping at any time, after you’ve added an item to your shopping cart. Simply click "checkout" and fill in your address. Shipping options are presented on the following page, like this:

    Calculating Shipping Options

    Shipping Options

    Mail Innovations

    Low price and great for orders that are less than a pound! is happy to offer an economy shipping method that helps our conservative friends buy great shirts without breaking the bank! The short version is that in most cases the US Postal Service will be delivering your order. Ready for the long version? Mail Innovations packages are picked up from our warehouse by UPS. UPS carries the packages to a facility in Ohio that routes them to US Postal Service facilities across the country where they are given to local post offices for delivery.

    • Average delivery time is 2 to 8 business days.
    • Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or at an APO or FPO address, please be advised that delivery will take longer.
    • Sorry dudes, delivery dates are NOT guaranteed.
    UPS Surepost

    Low price option for orders weighing over one pound

    This is an economy option similar to Mail Innovations, but for packages that weigh more than one pound. Like Mail Innovations, in most cases the US Postal Service will be delivering your order.

    • Average delivery time is 2 to 8 business days.
    • Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or at an APO or FPO address, please be advised that delivery will take longer.
    • Unfortunately, delivery dates are NOT guaranteed with this method.

    No delivery to PO Boxes supports the United Parcel Service’s Delivery Guarantee. The number of business days provided when selecting your shipping method is correct based on UPS's time in transit to your location and will coincide with the same day shipment of your order. If your order was placed after 4:00 pm, then we’ll ship it out to you on our next day of business. UPS does not deliver on Saturdays unless otherwise noted.

    *UPS will attempt to deliver your package within the number of business days that you are given when you place your order. If they do not make an attempt to deliver within that time, please contact us. We will issue a store credit for the amount that you paid for shipping.

    Please note that UPS’ guarantee is void and 80sTees will not issue a credit in the following circumstances:

    • If you provide incomplete or inaccurate shipping information
    • Delays due to acts of nature or circumstances that are beyond the control of UPS

    The chart below displays the UPS shipping methods followed by a map of time in transit for UPS Ground service.

    Shipping Method Insurance Trackable Transit Time
    UPS Standard Ground Yes Yes
    • 1-5 business days - Check out the map below!
    • Best value with prices starting around $9.00.
    UPS 3 Day Select Yes Yes
    • Next best value after Standard Ground.
    • Ground service with guaranteed delivery within three business days to and from every U.S. address in the 48 contiguous states
    • With a higher on-time success rate than Standard Ground, folks located in the 4 or 5 day map zone may consider this method if you are concerned for the package to arrive on time.
    UPS 2nd Day Air Yes Yes
    • Air service with delivery to all 50 states and Puerto Rico by the end of the second business day
    • Deliveries to certain locations in Alaska may require additional time in transit
    • UPS places a priority on Air service packages over Ground packages. If you need your order in 2 business days or if you are located in a 2 business day map zone and want extra assurance that you'll get your order on time, then Second Day Air is perfect for you!
    UPS Next Day Air Saver Yes Yes
    • Air service with delivery to residential locations by the end of the next business day
    UPS Next Day Air Yes Yes
    • Air service with delivery by 10:30 a.m., 12:00 noon, or the end of next business day depending on location
    UPS Next Day AM Yes Yes
    • Air service with weekday delivery to major cities in the contiguous 48 states by 8:00 a.m of the next business day.
    • Delivery by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. to most other U.S. cities, including Anchorage, Alaska
    • Additional locations guaranteed by 10:00 a.m.
    UPS Ground Map


    Shipping to a Post Office Box (PO Box)? offers USPS because UPS cannot ship to PO Boxes or Military addresses. We do not ship packages via USPS on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and all postal holidays.

    Priority Mail
    Delivery dates are NOT guaranteed

    In most cases delivery happens within 2-3 business days of 80sTees shipping your order. Customers with an APO/FPO address please allow an average of 7-12 business days for delivery.

    Please note: The USPS does not stand by the number of days that they say any Priority Mail packages take for delivery. Therefore, 80sTees will not issue a refund if the USPS does not meet the number of days they say for delivery.

    Tracking to APO/FPO addresses is limited once the package has been cleared by the military mail service at undisclosed locations. Delivery can also be prolonged to such locations due to time in transit delays and package clearance.

    Priority Mail Express
    Order by 12:00 pm (EST), Monday - Friday

    When will I get it?
    In most cases delivery is within 2 business days domestically. If you click the link above you can calculate what day your Priority Mail Express package should arrive. Use zip code 15672 as the origin zip code. You must order by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time for your package to leave the day you order it. If you order after 12:00 PM eastern time, add one day to the calculated result.

    Message Us