Washing and Drying Instructions

80sTees.com recommends hang drying for all of our merchandise. Even though most of our merch says "pre-shrunk" on the label the simple truth is that cotton continues to shrink. It's because of sciency stuff. Cotton fibers swell up when they get wet, which makes them shorten. If the fibers dry quickly they stay short. If you hang dry the fibers go back close to their original length.

Most of our tees and sweaters have a graphic on them. The graphics are either directly printed on the garment or are an iron on heat transfer that sits on top of the garment. Either way, we recommend that you don't iron the graphic directly. If you simply must remove wrinkles then we recommend using a steamer from the inside. It works great and that's how we prep our shirts for pictures.

We buy our tees from a variety of different vendors and sometimes the dyes used on the tees run.  If this happens to you call us or email us and we'll get a new product out to you after we test them for colorfastness.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with our products, so if your garment shrinks excessively or the dye runs, etc. give us a call and we'll take care of you.  Heck, even if you happened to spill tomato sauce on your tee (happens to Brady all the time) call us up.  We'll sell you a brand new tee for 50% off as long as we still have it in stock.

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