UK Shipping Customs Information

UK Customers: Feel free to call us TOLL-FREE at 0-800-680-0634 with any questions.

DUTY, VAT, and clearance/brokerage charges

When ordering internationally, it is possible customs, duty, or VAT fees may be applicable.  Any fees charged once the package reaches the UK are not included in your payment to and are payable to the appropriate government agencies. If you are concerned about taxes or duties, please look into this before you order. Also, 80sTees will not mark any package as a gift as we are required to sign that the value we mark for custom's is true. If delivery of an order is refused, a refund will be made on merchandise only after the package is safely returned to

Below is an example of how these fees are calculated:

Import and Duty Taxes: If the total value of the items you order exceeds 15₤ there will be 20% VAT charged. If the total value of your order exceeds 135₤ there will be a 12% customs fee and then the VAT of 20% will be charged as well.  You may also be charged a clearance fee.  Unfortunately we can not tell you exactly what this fee will be.

Order Value Customs Tax VAT Tax
<15₤ 0% 0%
15₤-135₤ 0% 20%
>135₤ 12% 20%


Printed below is an order from Mr. Random A. Customer. The order is shipping to the UK. Beneath the order we will calculate the total cost of the order to Random Customer

Example Fake Invoice

Mr. Customer's card will be charged $144.24 by Mr. Customer's credit card issuing bank will charge Mr. Customer a 1-5% fee for the currency conversion. In this example we used 3% (you can call the number on the back of your credit card to find out exactly what your charge will be).

$213.87 = 136.25₤
3% of 136.25₤ is 4.09₤
Total charged to card = 140.34₤

Now we must determine customs and VAT charges. Because the value of the order is greater than 135₤, a customs fees of 12% is applied to the total purchase including shipping fees:

Customs Fee = 136.25₤ * 12% = 16.35₤

The VAT will be applied to the merchandise, shipping, and customs total. The VAT is 20%.

VAT = 20% * (136.25₤ + 16.35₤) = 30.52₤

Royal Mail (8₤) and Parcel Force (8₤) also charge a customs clearance/brokerage fee. The package in our example was sent via Royal Mail so the fee is 8₤.  UPS charges a clearance fee of 11₤.

Customs Fee + VAT Fee = 16.35₤ + 30.52₤ + 8₤ = *54.87₤

*This 54.87₤ will be collected at the time of delivery and does not benefit in any way.

Total Cost = 54.87₤ + 136.25₤ = 191.12₤