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Oops! Looks like we don't have any products for this collection. If you have a totally rad idea for a cool product please let us know at , we'd love to hear ideas from totally awesome people like yourself!

In the meantime, try out our site search, above or browse our pages for another great t-shirt, we're sure that you'll find something else that you've been wanting.

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    We do it the right way to ensure that the artists and brands you love continue to be able to produce the work we all love.

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      • Do you ship to my country?
      • We ship to the following countries (listed alphabetically):

        • Andorra
        • Argentina
        • Australia
        • Austria
        • Bahrain
        • Belarus
        • Belgium
        • Bermuda
        • Brazil
        • British Virgin Islands
        • Brunei Darussalam
        • Bulgaria
        • Cambodia
        • Canada
        • Chile
        • China
        • Colombia
        • Cook Islands
        • Croatia
        • Cyprus
        • Czech Republic
        • Denmark
        • Ecuador
        • Estonia
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Gibraltar
        • Greece
        • Greenland
        • Guadeloupe
        • Guam
        • Guatemala
        • Guernsey
        • Hong Kong
        • Hungary
        • Iceland
        • Indonesia
        • Ireland
        • Israel
        • Italy
        • Japan
        • Jersey
        • Jordan
        • Kazakhstan
        • Kuwait
        • Latvia
        • Lithuania
        • Luxembourg
        • Macau
        • Macedonia
        • Malaysia
        • Malta
        • Marinique
        • Monaco
        • Morocco
        • Netherlands
        • Netherlands Antilles
        • New Zealand
        • Norway
        • Peru
        • Philippines
        • Poland
        • Portugal
        • Puerto Rico
        • Romania
        • Serbia and Montenegro
        • Singapore
        • Slovakia
        • Slovenia
        • South Africa
        • South Korea
        • Spain
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Taiwan
        • Thailand
        • Trinidad and Tobago
        • Turkey
        • Ukraine
        • United Arab Emirates
        • United Kingdom
        • Uruguay
        • USA
        • Venezuela
      • Where do you ship from?
      • Our orders ship from our warehouse which is at 230 Westec Drive, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666, USA.

      • Will I have to pay customs and brokerage fees if shipping outside the USA?
      • It’s definitely possible. We don’t collect customs and brokerage fees. For the countries that we ship to most often like Canada, UK, and Australia we’ve put together a guide of what to expect. If you are in a country other than those 3 we suggest using google to search for customs and brokerage information for your country.
      • What’s the quality like?
      • While quality means different things to different people, we inspect every single t-shirt we sell for flaws in the fabric, stitching, and print. Our return rate is less than 2%, which is crazy low for clothing ecommerce. This is because we catch just about every problem with our tees before we bring them into inventory. We also help keep returns down with our size measurements.
      • When will I get it?
      • This item typically ships within 5 to 7 business days. The shipment method you chose during checkout will also have an impact on when you should be receiving your order.

        If you have more questions about your order, or believe your order might be lost, please contact us.

      • Usually we can get the package to its destination as soon as 1 day. To see a list of all of your shipping options with the prices and delivery date you’ll need to start a checkout (we know, this isn’t ideal and we are working on integrating this feature right here into the product page).
      • What will my shipping cost be?
      • You will see your shipping options as well as their associated prices here on the product page by using the tool above and also during checkout.
      • What if I don’t like it? Maybe I was drinking really heavily when I bought it and now that I’m sobered up I realized it’s just not for me.
      • Some mistakes in life you can’t come back from, but this one won’t set you back much except for a little time and shipping cost. We accept all returns as long as the item isn’t damaged or washed by you.
      • What is the return policy?
      • Our return policy differes depending on if you are in the United States or abroad. To view the details of the return policy visit our return policy page and choose the option that applies to you.
      • Do I have to pay for return shipping costs?
      • Yes, however because we try very hard to make sure you know what your getting our return policy is very low (less than 2%), chances are good that your going to like what you get.
      • How do I know I can trust your company?
      • We’ve seen a ton of fly by night t-shirt companies come along, and lots of them advertise on facebook, so it’s natural for you to feel this way about us. But we are definitely not fly by night.

        We’ve been around since the year 2000, and we like our jobs so we aren’t going to rip you off. If you still aren’t convinced check out the latest customer posts on our facebook page. You’ll see happy customers posting on there frequently. Plus we have well over 350,000 facebook fans, which means quite a few people like us!

      • Can I customize my t-shirt or get this in a different size?
      • Most of our shirts come pre-printed from our licensed vendors and we aren’t able to change them. If you have an idea for a t-shirt, feel free to shoot an email to

    Crowdfunding FAQ

      • Q: What happens if you don’t hit your crowdfunding goal by the date in the timer, will you really kill this product?
      • Yes, the only way we are promising to bring these products into stock is if we hit our minimum.
      • Q: How does this product have customer reviews if it is on pre-order or being crowdfunded?
      • Sometimes we carry a product that is so popular, it sells outsuper-fast. In this case, we offer it for pre-order until we get our next shipment in, so that you can order it in advance to avoid being disappointed should it sell out again. (Some people refer to this as a "Backorder"). That's why you may be seeing reviews from people who have already received the item, even though it is on pre-order.

        There are also times where we used to sell a product and that product eventually went out of stock. In order to determine the potential popularity of such a product we sometimes decide to crowdfund it. This is also why you might see reviews for a product that doesnt look like it's currently in stock.

      • Q: Will the product look exactly like the picture?
      • If you see a person wearing the shirt then we were able to get a sample and the end product should look exactly like the one pictured.

        If there is no model and the picture is just a t-shirt we are showing a mocked-up version of the final product. But it’s possible that there will be some minor differences, and every so often a licensor will demand a change. If the product changes it’s because something out of our control happened. If the product looks significantly different you’ll have the opportunity to cancel your order before we send it.

      • Q: The price just rose for an item I crowdfunded at a lower price. What gives?
      • Sometimes we have an aggressive crowdfund goal in order to get lower pricing from our vendors. If it looks like we won’t hit our goal but we can pay more to place smaller orders we’ll sometimes lower the minimum and raise the price. If you bought at the lower price you are locked in for that price, so it’s a good idea to order early.
      • Q: Why is 80sTees all about crowdfunding lately?
      • There are actually quite a few reasons:
        • allows our customers to tell us what they like so our selection will be only the best products.
        • allows us to offer better pricing by getting volume discounts from our vendors
        • allows us to show you products we previously wouldn't have shown you because the minimums were too high and we didn't feel comfortable taking the risk on the inventory.
      • Q: I see you've hit the minimum, does this mean you will get the product early?
      • Probably not. When we go to print we want to make sure that we print enough of each size for everyone that wants to order during the crowdfunding period, and we generally have a minimum order we need to place to get our vendors or printers to make the tees. So we need to let the crowdfund period run its course before placing the order with our vendors.
      • Q: When will you charge me?
      • Your payment will be charged right away, so we can ship your items once they are in stock without any delay.
      • Q: What happens if I order some "in stock" merchandise at the same time as the crowdfund products?
      • We may ship the rest of your order separately, but it’s not guaranteed. If your order is big enough it may make sense for us to ship the rest separately and give you free shipping on the crowdfunded product later. If it's a smaller order or has a lot of clearance items chances are we'll wait and ship everything at once. If you need the in stock items faster we recommend placing separate orders.
      • Q: When will my order be shipped?
      • Each crowdfund page shows you our target ship date. We are hoping to ship by that date, but things can happen to prevent us from meeting that date. If we miss the date we’ll let you know and keep you in the loop.
      • Q: How do I know if you hit the minimum?
      • You may follow along on the website to see how the funding is progressing. We will email you at the end of the funding period to let you know if it was a raging success or a bumbling failure.
      • Q: I’ve seen this product before, why are you crowdfunding it?
      • The short and simple answer is that there are manufacturing minimums to many of our products, and we have to meet the minimums whether it’s a shirt we sold in the past or a new one. It’s also possible you may have seen the shirt at another retailer, the same reasoning applies here.
      • Q: A product I was interested in disapeared from your site before the end of the funding period, why?
      • If it looks like there is no chance of us hitting our goal we may cut our losses and pull the product immediately. It costs us time and money to advertise the products, so we try to prune the losers as soon as possible.
      • Q: I really want one of the products, what can I do to help?
      • Share it, baby! Put it on facebook, twitter, snapchat, your tinder profile, write a message on a pregnant lady’s belly, etc. If you have a friend that owes you a favor, may we suggest guilting them into buying it? Really, you can’t be too aggressive in this area.
      • Q: Why don’t you go into production as soon as you hit the minimum?
      • The main reason is because screen printing becomes more efficient the higher the number of units printed. So our goal is to place as big an order as possible.
      • Q: I’m not into the whole “crowdfund” thing, will I be able to buy a crowdfunded product later?
      • There’s no guarantee. Typically we bring in stock, but it’s possible that the entire order will be accounted for by the time it arrives in our warehouse. The only way to guarantee your order is to place it..

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    Message Us
    Returns Policy

    Return Policies

    Not loving it? Returns are easy!

    • will gladly accept your order for return or exchange in its original condition within 90 days of when you received it. If you think you may need to return or exchange an item, please keep the invoice that came with your order. Easily fill out the back side of your invoice to be included in the package being sent back to us per these instructions. If you have lost your order invoice, you can download the reverse side of the
    • Please contact customer service immediately upon receiving your order if you believe the product(s) to be damaged or defective. We kindly ask you to hold on to all merchandise and original packaging until you speak with a customer service associate. will provide a replacement item or issue a refund as well as cover all shipping costs associated with any damaged product.
    • For hygienic and sanitary purposes, the following items are non-returnable under any circumstance:
      • Latex Masks
      • Hats
      • Wigs (if packaging has been opened)
      • Costume Props (if disassembled from packaging)
      • Socks (if removed from packaging or the plastic hang tag is broken)
      • Underwear

    Costume return policy

    • All costumes postmarked for return within 3 days of receiving your order are eligible for a refund of the merchandise. If you missed the 3 day postmark date, fear not. will still accept your costume return for exchange of another size or a store credit, as long as it's returned in original condition .
    • Please note that costumes ordered between October 16th - October 31st may only be exchanged for the same costume in a different size. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
    • Returns will not be accepted for costumes that have been worn or are not in their original manufacturer's packaging. If the quality control department feels that a costume has been worn or if the packaging has been torn, the costume will be sent back to you and no refund will be issued.

    • Problem with your costume? Please call Customer Service at 1-724-696-5121 upon receiving your order. Be sure to save all merchandise and original packaging.
    Original condition refers to any merchandise that is unworn, not-used, and has not been washed and/or put in a dryer for any reason. The item(s) must not smell strongly of smoke and/or body odors of any type, are not covered in pet and/or human hair, and are not stained or damaged in any other way. All original sewn in or hang tags must still be intact.

    Return Instructions
    Attn: Returns Dept.
    230 Westec Drive
    Mount Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Returns for a refund can be mailed back to us via your shipping method of choice to the address above. will refund the cost of the merchandise to the original method of payment. Regrettably, cannot refund an order that is paid for with a personal check or money order; however, we can offer a store credit for the cost of the merchandise.

    Exchanges can also be mailed back to us via your shipping method of choice to the address above. We provide a Shipping Rates Table on the bottom of the reverse side of the invoice with the set discounted price of standard shipping for your exchange back to you. You may choose to have your original method of payment charged, or provide a check or money order, for the amount associated on the rates table. Upgraded shipping to send back your exchange is available upon request (additional rates are applicable).
    Why only 3 days? We feel that 3 days is a fair amount of time for you to try on the costume and decide if you need to exchange it for a different size. Many costume stores won't even allow a return if the costume is taken out of its packaging, but we want you to have a costume that fits!
    What's the Deal from the 16th to 31st? Due to the "one time use" nature of costumes some unsavory folks try to wear the costume for their party and then send it back for a refund. The nerve, right? Since you aren't a bad person and would never do this we apologize for this policy. Unfortunately it's something we have learned that we need to have in place. Many costume retailers will not even allow returns for orders placed during Halloween season.
    Message Us