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In the 1986 racing movie Rad, Cru Jones did more than just thrill audiences on his BMX bike. Cru also created Rad Racing, a shirt business that created long sleeve racing shirts just like this Cru Long Sleeve Sublimation Rad Shirt.

This is the same shirt that Cru Jones wore while racing on Helltrack. Everyone will immediately know that you are a fan of the cult classic Rad each time you wear this Cru Long Sleeve Sublimation Rad Shirt.

Even members of the Mongoose team will want to wear this Cru Long Sleeve Sublimation Rad Shirt!

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This is definitely the most RAD Founder’s Pick that I’ve done to date. RAD is a movie that one of my best friends was obsessed with back in the ‘80s, and he got his mom to rent it for him all the time. So I have always had a great appreciation for it.

Here I am sporting the jersey while popping a sick wheely on my son’s Mongoose BMX bike. Also for you fellow fans I realize Bart Taylor was sponsored by Mongoose so Cru would never be cool with that!

Kevin Stecko Wearing the Rad Movie Jersey

One of the coolest things about the movie from a “costume” perspective is that there is a scene where Cru’s racing jersey is custom made. It was a team effort by Cru’s friends and we also get to see his merchandise being custom dyed and hand painted. Here’s a screen grab where you can see Cru being fitted while someone else is working on his pants at the sewing machine.

Making of the original Rad  Movie Jersey

Since the real movie jersey was custom sewn it has decorations on the arms and sleeves in addition to the front and back. That’s something that can be done at a mass scale for retail sales, but typically it would require a large production run to make it economical. Luckily for us we have a factory that will recreate the look of the jersey using cut and sew sublimation. They custom print every piece of the garment onto a large sheet of paper and then melt that design into a white nylon cloth. Then they cut the fabric and sew it together.

This makes an amazing and quick costume which is accurate to the look of the movie, although it is not accurate to the material.

The jersey is great to wear around just to see who recognizes it. When someone does you are in for major compliments and for sure you’ll hear how RAD your shirt is.

The only downside to the shirt is that the material is quite thin. That’s not a downside in terms of warmth because I’ve found that it holds in heat pretty well. But the white stars can show tattoos due to the lack of thickness.

Other than that we haven’t had any complaints, and you won’t find a more accurate design replica.

Kevin Stecko, Founder


Product Type Product Type:   Long Sleeve Shirts
80sTees Exclusive 80sTees Exclusive
Color Color:   Multi Color
Machine Washable Machine Washable

Gender Gender:   Mens
Graphic Graphic:   Press and Sew Sublimation
Tag Location Tag Location:   Tagged
made of Made of:   100% Polyester
Product Fit Fits like:   True To Size
Fabric Softness Fabric Softness:   Standard

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- Brandon

I just wanted to say thank you... I know there was a hold up with the pre order TMNT shirts. It Took much longer than expected, love the shirt and love the other shirt that was sent as a courtesy from the company to acknowledge the frustration from the shirts not being sent out. To send a courtesy shirt just speaks and says wonders about this company! I don't purchase shirts all the time, but you have a customer for life! Thank you again!

- Blaire


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