Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt

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Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance ShirtCobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt
  • Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt
  • Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt

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Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt
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I’m a huge Karate Kid fan, as can be documented from this article where I explain how I was selected to be an extra in the Youtube Premium show Cobra Kai!

So of course it would make sense that I would have quite the extensive collection of Karate Kid shirts. I also love performance fabric shirts, and that is something that the pop culture licensed world hasn’t full embraced yet so I was super excited to have a performance Cobra Kai shirt to add to my closet.

Here's me sporting the tee while I show off my screen-used gi from the actual movie. That's the gi that William Zabka wore. Yep, that's Johnny's gi!

Kevin wearing the Cobra Kai Logo Karate Kid Performance Shirt

Anyway, I can totally say without bias that this tee is amazing. I really love to wear performance fabric, especially in the summer. I'm 6 feet 4 inches tall and thin so I went with the large-tall size. That's a hard size to find so typically I wear an XL-tall, but with the performance fabric I like the tighter fit.

But to me the absolute best part of this shirt is the contrast that the shiny black fabric has against the yellow print. This thing just pops!

If you love Karate Kid and specifically the Cobra Kai and want an awesome shirt to wear either at the gym or just around I would highly recommend this!

Kevin Stecko, Founder


Product Type Product Type:   T-shirts
Vendor Vendor:
80sTees Exclusive 80sTees Exclusive
made of Product is Discontinued
Color Color:   Black
Machine Washable Machine Washable
Gender Gender:   Mens
Tag Location Tag Location:   Tagged
made of Made of:   100% Polyester
Product Fit Fits like:   True To Size
Fabric Softness Fabric Softness:   Super


This exclusive Karate Kid performance shirt features the unmistakable Cobra Kai logo. This performance shirt was seen in the YouTube Red series Cobra Kai.

When you walk into a dojo wearing a Cobra Kai t-shirt, everyone knows that you are a fan of the 1984 classic Karate Kid. When you walk into a dojo wearing a Cobra Kai performance shirt, everyone knows that you are ready to strike first, strike hard and show no mercy!

This Cobra Kai Logo Performance Shirt is 100% spun polyester and will keep you cool and dry, so it is perfect for working out or as an everyday casual shirt for any fan of Karate Kid!

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